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Akij uPVC Boring and Filter Pipe


Product Information

  • • For cold water applications
  • • Available from ½” to 6”
  • • Lead free and durable
  • • UV and fire resistant
  • • Cost effective and environment friendly
  • • Solvent weld joining system
  • • Cost effective
  • • Easy to install and low maintenance
  • • Suitable for pure drinking water flow
  • Standard

  • DIN EN 1453

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    Field Of Application

    Akij pipes & fittings manufacture “Lead Free” uPVC solvent weld plumbing system which is a true Engineer’s and architect’s delight..

    Cold water plumbing application in buildings
    Swimming pools
    Water distribution mains
    Dye plants, chrome, zinc plating and tanning plants
    Coal washing and ash handling
    Industrial process line
    Saltwater lines
    Aggressive/Corrosive fluid transportation.
    Sugar, paper and distillery industries
    Ring lines/Down take lines

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